Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Book

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Saturday, 11 December 2010
I don't understand
you said 'stillness'
wouldn't "balance" be a better word?
it depends what the word means to you really
but for instance, there is no more self doubt
it means everything
I'm Libra
becuase there is no longer an illusion of self
yes... that's the point
self-esteem becomes pointless when you recognise there is no self to esteem
I'm feeling the self-esteem becoming pointless right now
like... not the self-esteem itself
but the 'need' for self-esteem
indeed, it is all founded on a false sense of self
RSD implies something to that too
like "you gotta be x"
"you gotta be y"
"you gotta have the nimbus"
you dont gotta be anything, you are nothing and thus can be anything
I guess that eckart tolle hit this spot alone, too, but couldn't express himself like this
he pussied out
There's about 70 others who have seen this
he couldn't ask questions, either
we've got a facebook group and everything lol
oh send me the link
will do
but i want to know youve seen it first
write me a short few sentences now on what you know about self. If you see there is no self, convince me
just what you know, if the clarity isnt there yet we can keep going
but i sense your very close
if not there already
there is awareness (is "perception" a synonym for awareness?)
there is the mind
there are thoughts running inside the mind
there is the physical body
fuckign spot on
but from living experience and some ignorance to it
we tend to create an illusion that these are bent together
yes yes yes
and that everyone has a specific set of those
and therefore we have one too
and we call this "me"
but if we can 'separate' all of this
Okay, I added you to the group
wow, is that enough?
I was about to write more HAHA
Ciaran was the first guy to see this, he used to work for RSD funnily enough
haha no its obvious
but he hates it now
as do i really, its all a little weird when you think about it
the group i added you too
this is the website
the blog is ciarans blog
the arean is the message board
if you go the hall of fame and the list of liberated youll see everyone we've got so far
I'm watching the 'trailer' right now
haha yeah stephens awesome
it's kinda creepy
definately make a note of reading his blog, its awesome
yeah dont let it put you off
no-ones a conspiracy nut or anything
definately read this too, its by ciaran
of course not
that was what I was looking for
but yeah do some thinking etc. and then if your game help spread this shit
HOW did he hit this spot alone
and get so much 'experience'
He's a pretty awesome dude
now I see a story
he's 'freed' 37 people, the next biggest has 9
your my first lol
although I was the first guy he freed, just im lazy
once you get some clarity, see if you can free your friend

More with Marco

So for the poor formatting, I'll tidy it up later, just need somewhere to save this:

Round 2
Where is the self
ayyyy Dan
sorry, couldn't answer you, was busy
Where is the self?
nowhere maybe?
What do you think it could be?
Where could it possibly be?
well, based on our theories, it could be just... like some kind of subject we use as reference
for our physical bodies and thoughts aswell
but, you say there is no self
Well yes, but for now forget all about theories, intellectual understanding is the enemy
You think it's possible that you are your thoughts?
What happens to you in between thoughts?
Does it feel like you exist differently? When you are thinking and you are not?
actually I've been thinking too much recently I don't even have time to breathe
my mind... doesn't... stop
but well
yes, it feels different when you can stop thinking, you start to enjoy the 'moment'
Eckharte tolle points towards the idea you are not your thoughts, but the space in which they occur
(sounds too much like eckhart)
however, that space is a void
it is emptyness
awareness perhaps, yes
but it is not you
trying to attach a soul, morality, ethics, religion, and afterlife to that awareness is ridiculous
those are all creations of the mind
which says
this vision is mine
these thoughts are mine
I am this
But you are not
there is only
these things exist but they aren't attached to the mind
does morality exist outside the mind? I think its a useful concept
but i don't think it is real outside of being an idea
But after all this Marco, the challenge is still on you, to really look inside and try and find where this 'you' could be
or is it really there at all?
whatever you do don't take mine or anyone elses word for it
you got to this epiphany already?
There is no me
that's a challenge there
I'll take it
Please do
and if you find a 'you', let me know where it is lol
but i'm pretty certain there isn't. there is a mind, a vision, a hearing, these all come together at one point in time
but that isnt a self, although it does lead to the illusion of self
I was JUST thinking "oh wow, I have changed too much in these 6 months"
but who was I? I don't know
I mean, who was I before I changed, and who am I right now? there is no solid answer
your mind, becuase it thinks there is a you, creates this illusion
the ego
on this ego you project your beliefs
your confidences, what your good at etc
but this is a lie, entirely without real foundation, and can only restrict you to what your ego says you are
I'm starting to feel weird
I feel like I can play soccer like Messi right now
I know the feeling
I mean, there are no limits
everything you thought you were you are not
fuckk I love this feeling
everything you think you arent, is only an illusionary field around you
give it a few minutes, then explain to me whether there is a self
I may not have this concept fully explained inside my head YET but I'm limitless right now... in my 'mind' or whatever you call it
try and see that, there is a mind, in your head, but calling it yours is entirely meaningless
what is this 'you' that owns your mind
I have already felt something like this before
I have a friend who is in college
and... becoming an actor
whatever, I don't know what's the name of the course in english
but he explained to me that there are some exercises that they do for like a couple months
in which they have to start to feel like the character they're going to be acting as
for example, if he's going to play a doctor
he starts to walk like a doctor
so he starts to feel like he's a real doctor
and he told me that once he was already so natural
that he didn't perceive
that he was... him
it's like he was the doctor himself
and I was like... wow
yes sounds similar
if you can see, really see, that everything you thought you were is a lie, everything you thought you couldn't do is a lie too
yesterday I told him this whole 'there is no self' theory and stuff and he was VERY interested
then you can be anything
however, thats not relevant to the truth of it
Do you own your mind?
that's exactly what I was thinking about
no, it's like it's totally free to a certain extent
yes. It's just a mind
floating about in a body, with eyes attached and ears
thoughts exist
and everything combines together and the mind builds a you out of it
but is it true? is there a self? or just a mind? just vision? Just sound? with no ownership
the point is to separate all this
well naturally they are seperate, but they all come together at one point of time
and so the mind creates a self
but really, it is just vision, it is just sound
No see-er, only seeing
it's getting clearer one step at a time
There is awareness of everything yes
but it is just awareness
your minds probably running thoughts around
"no no no, these thoughts are mine, this sight is me, i am"
but recognise that those are just thoughts
a mind telling itself it is greater than a mind
but when the mind recognises it is wrong. and is happy to be just a mind
there is stillness

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