Saturday, 11 December 2010
I don't understand
you said 'stillness'
wouldn't "balance" be a better word?
it depends what the word means to you really
but for instance, there is no more self doubt
it means everything
I'm Libra
becuase there is no longer an illusion of self
yes... that's the point
self-esteem becomes pointless when you recognise there is no self to esteem
I'm feeling the self-esteem becoming pointless right now
like... not the self-esteem itself
but the 'need' for self-esteem
indeed, it is all founded on a false sense of self
RSD implies something to that too
like "you gotta be x"
"you gotta be y"
"you gotta have the nimbus"
you dont gotta be anything, you are nothing and thus can be anything
I guess that eckart tolle hit this spot alone, too, but couldn't express himself like this
he pussied out
There's about 70 others who have seen this
he couldn't ask questions, either
we've got a facebook group and everything lol
oh send me the link
will do
but i want to know youve seen it first
write me a short few sentences now on what you know about self. If you see there is no self, convince me
just what you know, if the clarity isnt there yet we can keep going
but i sense your very close
if not there already
there is awareness (is "perception" a synonym for awareness?)
there is the mind
there are thoughts running inside the mind
there is the physical body
fuckign spot on
but from living experience and some ignorance to it
we tend to create an illusion that these are bent together
yes yes yes
and that everyone has a specific set of those
and therefore we have one too
and we call this "me"
but if we can 'separate' all of this
Okay, I added you to the group
wow, is that enough?
I was about to write more HAHA
Ciaran was the first guy to see this, he used to work for RSD funnily enough
haha no its obvious
but he hates it now
as do i really, its all a little weird when you think about it
the group i added you too
this is the website
the blog is ciarans blog
the arean is the message board
if you go the hall of fame and the list of liberated youll see everyone we've got so far
I'm watching the 'trailer' right now
haha yeah stephens awesome
it's kinda creepy
definately make a note of reading his blog, its awesome
yeah dont let it put you off
no-ones a conspiracy nut or anything
definately read this too, its by ciaran
of course not
that was what I was looking for
but yeah do some thinking etc. and then if your game help spread this shit
HOW did he hit this spot alone
and get so much 'experience'
He's a pretty awesome dude
now I see a story
he's 'freed' 37 people, the next biggest has 9
your my first lol
although I was the first guy he freed, just im lazy
once you get some clarity, see if you can free your friend


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